Study in USA

Study in USA
Here are a few guidelines for all International and Indian students who want to Study in USA.

USA has the highest overseas student population in the world, with more than one million international students opting to develop their education and life experience by Studying in USA. Nearly 5% of all students enrolled in higher studies are Indian students in USA and the numbers are rising.

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Why USA?
Top Universities
Student Visa Checklist
Why USA?

Why Study in USA?

With the simpler visa requirements, versatile academics, and ample job opportunities makes it the best destination for Indian students to study in USA and start a career, fulfilling the American Dream.

As per the QS World Ranking. Out of the world’s top 100 universities, 33 universities are from the United States. Similarly, the Times Higher Education Ranking also ranked seven of the American universities in its top 10 university list.

Study in USA without IELTS

What are the Benefits of Studying in USA?

While US education and facilities are also an important factor for Indian students to study in the USA the most important aspect of choosing the U.S. still becomes the inspiring American lifestyle.

Here are the few benefits of studying in the USA:

  1. International Degree in the USA - Being aware of the fact that universities in the USA have a great reputation, internationally recognized degree are well-known for the quality of their education, it is not shocking that businesses are eager to accept youth with a USA degree.
  2. Global Opportunities in the USA - Through studying in the USA you are taking the first step towards a good global career.
  3. Education Flexibility - American universities and colleges offer a variety of selectable courses and programs. You have the option not only to select the contents of the course but also the layout.
  4. Lively campus life in USA - Since study in USA is very popular with all international students, staying on campus in USA lets students make new friends from around the world.
  5. Multi-Cultural life - study in the USA, attracts lots of international students across the world. You will be pursuing your abroad studies in the USA with the students from different cultures and religions making it a rich and stimulating educational experience.
  6. Improve your English skills - Current International Jobs In the market demands strong levels of English. And what better way to learn this ability than immersing yourself in a society where the primary language is English?

How to get an Internship in USA?

If you're not actually studying in the USA, but want to come over to complete an internship, you'd either need the J1 Intern visa or the J1 Trainee Visa. To get an Internship in USA as an international student, you will need the J1 intern Visa plus you have to be enrolled in a US university or have graduated in America during the past 12 months.

To get an internship in the USA as a trainee, you will need a J1 Trainee Visa and must have a degree plus one year of work experience, or a minimum of five years of work experience, in the area in which you are looking to get trained.


How to Get a Scholarship in USA 2021-22?

The Fulbright Program for overseas students who wish to study a Master's or Ph.D. degree is full Scholarship in the USA. The scholarships can also be awarded for postgraduate diploma studies. The grant includes tuition fees, textbooks, airfare, a free allowance, and health insurance.

International students can apply for a Scholarship in USA 2020-21 at the below-listed Universities in USA that offer scholarships to international students.

  1. Amherst College Scholarships
  2. Berea College Scholarships
  3. American University Scholarships
  4. Clark University Scholarships
  5. University of the West Scholarships
  6. Wesleyan University Scholarships
  7. Oregon University Scholarships
  8. New York University Wagner Scholarships
  9. Emory College Scholarships

What are the requirements to Study in USA?

Read our essential information on the entry requirements to study in USA:

Those who are searching for higher studies in the USA, however, are unaware of the requirements to study in USA, should be aware of the few important things before applying to Universities in the USA.

There are two major intakes at the American universities, FALL and SPRING intake. Unlike India, universities in the USA follow a two-semester system in which an academic year is divided into two semesters. Students will determine what season of intake they want to select-FALL or SPRING?

For every study program in the USA, international students need to provide evidence of their English proficiency, along with these students must score 65 to 80 percent marks in Higher Secondary School, plus the student must not be less than 18 years of age at the time of application.

Top Universities

Which are the Top Universities in USA?

The USA is home to the world's top 20 universities with competitive courses and programs in virtually every area and career direction, according to the latest estimates.

List of Universities:

Student Visa Checklist

USA Student Visa Checklist

Mandatory documents checklist for a Spain student visa application. (For more than 180 days stay)

  1. Passport with a validity of minimum 6 months
  2. Proof of Visa Fee payment
  3. Original Letter for interview
  4. Admission Letter from the University or College having mentioned the total cost of study in USA
  5. Original Scholarship letter
  6. Original Sponsorship Letter
  7. All Educational documents Certificates, Degrees, Diplomas & Mark sheets
  8. Test results of TOEFL & GRE, GMAT, SAT
  9. Experience and a reference Letter from Employer, if Employed
  10. Last three years Bank Statements of the Sponsors
  11. Summary Statement of the assets & Income proof of Family Members
  12. Last three years Income Tax papers of the family and the sponsor
  13. Evidence of all movable & fixed assets