Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand
New Zealand is a beautiful country, with spectacular scenery and great opportunities for study abroad and travel. This is a secure and friendly environment with a reputation for cutting edge science and innovative energies in the world. These elements make the country a destination appealing to international students to study in New Zealand.

Being ranked second in the 2019 Global Peace Index, is without doubt the best country to study in.

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Why New Zealand?
Top Universities
Student Visa Checklist
Why New Zealand?

Why Study in New Zealand?

You can study in New Zealand at all the conventional levels; undergraduate (Bachelor's), postgraduate (Master's) and doctoral (PhD) levels. Specific certificates can be earned, such as college diplomas and honours. Generally, these types of courses last for one year.

It has the right combination of opportunities, culture, economy and environment for an Indian students in New Zealand to study and succeed with globally ranked universities and a responsive education system.

Study in New Zealand for Indian students

What are the Benefits of Studying in New Zealand?

The special approach to education is one major benefit of studying in New Zealand. Students are encouraged to think as a person and find their own solutions, which are many, while studying in the country, develop unique strengths and ideas.

New Zealand is one of the world's happiest and loveliest nations. It has become one of the most popular destinations for international students, with excellent study opportunities and world-class education.

Because of its low living costs and unique facilities, significant number of international students choose studying in New Zealand annually.


How to get an Internship in New Zealand?

Unfortunately, it can be extremely overwhelming and challenging to find an internship in New Zealand on your own if you don't know where to look, which is where the program providers come in.

We made a list of the best internships in New Zealand to take some of the guesswork out of it.


How to Get a Scholarship in New Zealand?

There are scholarships in New Zealand available at all levels for international students including students who want to achieve a PhD. The schools themselves, or the government, provide such scholarships.

Let's check out the list of funded and non-funded Scholarship in New Zealand 2021-22:

  1. New Zealand Government Scholarship
  2. Richard E. Morley Industrial Automation Scholarship
  3. The Katoni scholarship
  4. Scholarship for the Best Candidates - Kozminski University
  5. Fully-Funded PhD Studentship
  6. (ESED) Scholarship Program
  7. British Council IELTS Award 2020
  8. The Global Perspectives Scholarship
  9. Keto Scholarship 2020
  10. Women in Business Equal Pay Scholarship

What are the requirements to Study in New Zealand?

When you're going to study in New Zealand for over three months you'll need a student visa. A student visa allows you to study in New Zealand full time for a limited time span

An international student will have to fulfil the sets of requirements to study in New Zealand such as Offer letter, Academic documents, Financial documents, Health Certificate, etc. for detailed guidelines please contact Studium Group or see below New Zealand Students visa Checklist.

Top Universities

Which are the Top Universities in New Zealand?

New Zealand has different types of universities of higher education: universities, schools, private institutions, and polytechnics. New Zealand has 8 top Universities, all of which offer high quality education.

All 8 of these universities rank among the top 500 in the QS World University Rankings. Among the top Universities in New Zealand one is in Auckland which is ranked 82nd place, followed by the University of Otago in 151st place.

List of Universities:

Student Visa Checklist

New Zealand Student Visa Checklist

Documents required for Belgium study visa:
  1. Original Passport with minimum 3 months validity left
  2. Student Visa Application form INZ 1012 duly filled and signed.
  3. Visa Application fees receipt.
  4. Two passport size photographs.
  5. Offer Letter from New Zealand University
  6. Student accommodation letter
  7. Evidence of sufficient funds for studying and living in New Zealand
  8. A two way flight booking receipt
  9. Medical fitness Certificate
  10. A good character certificate from Police department in home country