Study in Australia

Study in Australia
Study in Australia Center is built to keep International Students updated about what to expect in Australia for students interested in studying in Australia. There are thousands of courses on offer and this page is ideal to help you from start to finish.

Our resource pages will help live, work and study in Australia for Indian students, and we also have details on what to expect after your degree in Australia. Consider everything you need to know about abroad studies in Australia.

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Why Australia?
Top Universities
Student Visa Checklist
Why Australia?

Why Study in Australia?

Universities in Australia foster innovation, imagination and critical thought. Foreign students studying in Australia find their education daunting, fun and gratifying. You can expect to live, develop and study in Australia, in a young, friendly country full of opportunities.

For those Indian students in Australia who complete their degree successfully, will soon find they are competitive in today's foreign job market.

Study in Australia for Indian Students

What are the Benefits of Studying in Australia?

The benefits of studying in Australia and reasons why international students should choose Australia as a study abroad destination:

  1. More than fourty top Universities in Australia
  2. Wide range of study programs to match with any american University Courses
  3. More than 200 AUD worth of Scholarship programs from the Government of Australia are set for the international students every year.
  4. Many Internship jobs and part-time jobs are available for the international students in Australia.
  5. Globally recognized Degree in Australia.
  6. International exposure and lifestyle in Australia

How to get an Internship in Australia?

Internship in Australia will give you a strategic advantage in today's globalized world. Let's find out the list of top Internships in Australia:


How to Get a Scholarship in Australia 2021-22

A lot of international students are interested in securing a scholarship to help themselves to pay for tuition fees in Australia. In this topic, we have listed some of the top Scholarship in Australia 2020-21 to help with your applications for a scholarship and increase your chances of obtaining them.

Lets check out the list of Universities in UK, offering Scholarship programs:

Let's check out the list of Universities in Australia, offering Scholarship programs:

  1. Education Future International Scholarship 2020
  2. Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarships
  3. Australian National University
  4. UNE Post-Graduate Scholarships
  5. University Of Western Australia
  6. DMEM Excellence Scholarship At University Of Strathclyde,2020
  7. Heart Foundation PostDoc Fellowships In Australia, 2020
  8. Royal Geographical Society
  9. Edith Cowan University

What are the requirements to Study in Australia?

To make the most of your time studying in Australia, certain requirements are to be met by international students to study in Australia. Requirements for academic and English languages should help you study courses smoothly with great success.

Many other requirements such as a student visa to study in Australia along with medical insurance ensure that students have adequate health cover that can be taken care of while studying in Australia.

Top Universities

Which are the Top Universities in Australia?

There are more than 40 top universities in Australia, and it is crucial that you have all the knowledge on where to go and what to study before applying.

List of Universities:

Student Visa Checklist

Australia Student Visa Checklist

Documents checklist for UK Student Visa:

  1. Passport with a validity of minimum 6 months
  2. Proof of Visa Fee payment
  3. Original Letter for interview
  4. Admission Letter from the University or College having mentioned the total cost of study in Australia
  5. Original Scholarship letter
  6. Original Sponsorship Letter
  7. All Educational documents Certificates, Degrees, Diplomas & Mark sheets
  8. Test results of TOEFL & GRE, GMAT, SAT
  9. Experience and a reference Letter from Employer, if Employed
  10. Last three years Bank Statements of the Sponsors
  11. Summary Statement of the assets & Income proof of Family Members
  12. Last three years Income Tax papers of the family and the sponsor
  13. Evidence of all movable & fixed assets