Study in Switzerland

Study in Switzerland
Switzerland is best known to most people for its watches, chocolate, private banking and natural beauties. Nevertheless, none of these are the key reasons as to why many Indian students in Switzerland want to study there. Within this Central European nation there are also other reasons within favor of studying in Switzerland.

It has boasted some of the world's finest institutions for international students to study in Switzerland without IELTS test subject to the condition that they should provide proof of the ability to communicate at least intermediate level in the English language.

The Swiss higher education system offers students the ability to take their education and future careers further with many top-ranking universities! In addition, it is also an excellent choice for international students to study in Switzerland, as a proponent of global participation.

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Why Switzerland?
Top Universities
Student Visa Checklist
Why Switzerland?

Why Study in Switzerland?

There are so many reasons why studying in Switzerland is beneficial for many Indian and international students such as Top universities, decent quality of life, and a stable job market.

Switzerland is a great place from, between Germany, France and Italy, to visit Europe. This includes two of the highest-rated universities in the world, and ranks consistently among the best places to stay and study in the world.

Switzerland is a multicultural and multilingual country, home to many international organizations and multinational businesses as well. Each year Swiss universities enroll several international students to study in Switzerland.

Study in Switzerland without IELTS

What are the Benefits of Studying in Switzerland?

International Students enjoys several benefits of studying in Switzerland, few of which are listed below:

  1. Studying in Switzerland is well-ordered, with a high standard of education
  2. Switzerland has many official languages hence, is a country of immigrants
  3. Cost of studying in Switzerland is not outrageously high
  4. Switzerland is a safe country to live
  5. Take in the various cultural and social activities
  6. Advantage of scholarship opportunities

How to get an Internship in Switzerland?

Students looking to obtain a wider international perspective in their research and studies have several special internship opportunities in Switzerland.

Let's find out the list of top Internships in Switzerland:

  1. Paid Internship - Geneva
  2. Summer Internship 2020
  3. R&D Internship Software Engineering
  4. Internship Innovation
  5. Internship - Power Electronics
  7. Sales & Delivery Internship
  8. Short Term Internship 2020

How to Get a Scholarship in Switzerland ?

The Swiss government also provides scholarships to international students, as well as several universities. You could work up to 15 hours a week, as an international student.

Looking for Scholarships in Malta? Check out this room for International Students Scholarships in Switzerland 2021.

  1. EPFL Excellence Fellowships
  2. Sustainability scholarship
  3. 2020 Essay Scholarships
  4. Industrial Automation Scholarship
  5. The Katoni scholarship
  6. Kozminski University Scholarship
  7. EUSP Scholarships
  8. Fully-Funded PhD Studentship

What are the requirements to Study in Switzerland?

The key difference between the Swiss and Indian education systems is that all of the Master's programs in Switzerland are consecutive postgraduate programs. This means students will hold a Bachelor's degree of the same or equivalent degree as their prospective Master's degree would be. For example, students with a Bachelor of Science degree can not get admission for a Master of Business degree.

Private higher education programs also have their own sets of requirements to study in Switzerland, so it is best to contact the Studium Group counsellors and find out the unique prerequisites for the study program you wish to pursue.

Top Universities

Which are the Top Universities in Switzerland?

Switzerland has some of the country's top ranking educational institutions which make the study highly regarded and popular in Switzerland. A few of them include in the below list.

List of Universities:

Student Visa Checklist

Switzerland Student Visa Checklist

Documents required for Switzerland study visa:
  1. Three sets of Application form duly filled & signed
  2. 4 Passport size photos
  3. Original Passport with more than 3 months validity
  4. Offer letter from the Swiss university
  5. Evidence of paid tuition fees
  6. Evidence of sufficient funds for studying in Switzerland
  7. Scholarship grant letter from the institution, if applicable
  8. Letter of motivation along with your updated resume
  9. Intention to leave Switzerland after studies