Study in Poland

Study in Poland
Study in Poland will grant you international recognition for a high-quality European Education at affordably low cost. Geographically situated in Central Europe, Poland is surrounded by the frontiers of seven other European countries and the Baltic Sea is one of the continent's influential nations.

Reports say that Poland's economy will most likely become the next economic giant of the EU making a prosperous future to study in Poland for Indian students and seek a career there over the next decade.

It is also known as the bridge to Eastern and Western Europe and has a rich cultural, political and educational significance in the European country, making it a popular destination for International and Indian students in Poland.

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Why Spain?
Top Universities
Student Visa Checklist
Why Spain?

Why Study in Poland?

Studying in Poland will give you an international qualification not only well recognized in Europe but also all over the world. It will open new career opportunities with the top companies in Europe and European Union countries.

Poland has many other benefits, such as having its medical schools accredited in the United States, You have access to the EU's study programs while you study in Poland, and you can do internships jobs abroad.
Study in Poland without IELTS

What are the Benefits of Studying in Poland

  1. High quality of Higher Education
  2. Studying in the Center of Europe
  3. International Exposure
  4. Affordable University Tuition fees
  5. Affordable cost of living in Poland for International students
  6. Top Universities in Poland
  7. Internship Opportunities
  8. Scholarship for Non-EU students
  9. Great Career Opportunities

How to get an Internship in Poland?

Internship in Poland is ideally suited to those who are involved in marketing, finance, management, human resources, or health.

Internship jobs in Poland will give students the opportunity to know more about a certain subject or business they are interested in to make their resume stand out in the crowd.

Interns in Poland have the scope to work in cities such as Krakow's cultural town and Warsaw's Industrial zone.

Internships in Poland are offered by many public and private universities, private companies, placement agencies, etc. International students can also check online on job portals for internship jobs in Poland.


How to Get a Scholarship in Poland 2021-22?

A number of scholarships are available under the parameters set out in the bilateral agreements. Scholarship in Poland are funded either by the Government of Poland or the Government of the foreign partner, often with the intention of improving the exchange within a particular field of study. The sum of a scholarship depends on the type of research that is being carried out.

To get Scholarship to study in Poland, students need to check the updated category listing for various Scholarships programs in Poland 2021-22 such as:

  1. NAWA Lgnacy Lukasiewicz program in Poland
  2. Pilecki Fellowship for International Students in Poland
  3. JACK & JONES funding for International Students
  4. Lazarski Foundation grants for International Students in Poland


What are the requirements to Study in Spain?

The requirements to study in Poland vary from University to University depending upon admission requirements and students’ Grade points Averages (GPA). However, 50 percent and above marks are usually considered.

  1. For Bachelors and Postgraduate Diploma: Higher Secondary School Certificate with a minimum of 50% of passing marks.
  2. For Masters Program: Higher Secondary School Certificate and Bachelors Degree with a minimum of 50% passing marks
  3. IELTS overall score of 5.5 bands required by some of the Universities but not mandatory for student visas.
Top Universities

Which are the Top Universities in Poland?

Explore data from Times Higher Education's World University Rankings to discover Poland's top universities

List of Universities:

Student Visa Checklist

Poland Student Visa Checklist

Mandatory documents checklist for a Spain student visa application. (For more than 180 days stay)

  1. Visa application form duly filled and signed
  2. Original Passport - New and Old, if any
  3. Passport size photograph
  4. Letter of acceptance from the university in Poland
  5. Evidence of paid tuition fees
  6. Updated resume
  7. All education documents attested by MEA.
  8. Financial documents showing sufficient funds to cover the entire stay and living cost in Poland
  9. Bank account details of the student, if any
  10. Sponsorship Letter along with bank statements, income tax, Fixed Deposits.
  11. Police clearance Certificate showing no criminal record.
  12. An insurance policy covering 30K euros each year
  13. Flight ticket booking receipt.