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Heralding the ' European Higher Education Surge ' with its academic excellence, the land has attracted many students to study in Italy and pursue higher studies making Italy one of the world's most sought after academic destinations.

There are nearly 32K foreign students, including Indian students in Italy and few those on exchange programs. The nation has a rich history of higher education tradition. Hence those young aspirants who are planning to study in Italy can be rest assured of the educational quality and the study programs offered in Italy for the international students.
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Why Italy?
Top Universities
Student Visa Checklist
Why Italy?

Why Study in Italy?

There are many good reasons as to why studying in Italy for Indian students should be considered as the best option to study in Europe. Throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, some of Europe's first modern universities were established in Italy. Bologna University, established in 1088, is among the oldest universities in Italy, which is still in operation.

Though most of the study in Italy scholarships is conducted in the Italian language, yet for the international students in Italy, all higher study programs are taught in the English Language. Italy is very fluent in the studies of Research and Science, Art and Architecture, Design and Fashion.
study in italy for indian students

What are the Benefits of Studying in Itlay?

If you have a plan to study overseas, then choose Italy to be your study abroad destination as you will find a variety of career opportunities in Italy. One of the benefits of studying in Italy is that there are no application fees for applying to many universities and colleges in Italy.

International Students applying for a study visa in Italy benefit from many favorable conditions, such as affordable tuition fees, an option of applying to the top universities in Italy with or without IELTS test, get a study and work opportunity in Italy, the benefit of a stay back option after higher studies in Italy, an opportunity to get permanent residency, and plenty more benefits which students can explore on their own while studying in Italy.
Study in Italy Without IELTS

How to get an Internship in Italy?

Having an internship abroad is a great way to embark on a flourishing study abroad career. Similarly, taking an internship in Italy is a great way to acquire practical knowledge while studying in Italy. But the question arises as to where and how to get an internship in Italy?

If you wish to apply for an internship in Italy, either search directly with the college or university in which you are pursuing your abroad studies, private or public organizations offering internship programs in Italy or opt for a reputable placement agency who can give you proper guidance and assistance in finding internship jobs in Italy.

How to get an Scholarship in Italy?

Governments and universities in Italy offer scholarships every year to foreign students and local people. International Students can get a scholarship in Italy from their Universities or colleges. They can study either on fully funded or partly-funded scholarships in Italy.

One of the popular Scholarships to study in Italy for Indian students is the “Italian Government Scholarship” which is in collaboration with the Indian government. This Scholarship program is available to international students only for studying in Italy (Universities and Institutions which are based in Italy).

Both Indian students, as well as students from other countries, can apply for this scholarship online on the MHRD portal.


What are the requirements to Study in Italy?

The general requirements to study in Italy for international students who apply for a bachelor’s degree will need to provide a valid school leaving certificate and should qualify for higher studies in Italy.

Students applying for the Masters’ studies in Italy, will have to provide a bachelor’s degree certificate. Similarly, if you are applying for (Ph.D.) Doctoral studies in Italy, you will need to provide a Master’s Degree certificate.

Sometime, you will have to prove your language skills to qualify for admission. Usually all the study programs in Italy for international students are conducted in the English language. Hence there is a chance to study in Italy without IELTS test.

Top Universities

Which are the Top Universities in Italy?

With a horde of historic universities, Italian education leaves no stones unturned when it comes to the diversity of courses and career choices. To name a few of the outstanding top universities in Italy would be like Rome Business School, IED, John Cabot University, The American University of Rome.

It has boasted some of the world's finest institutions for international students to study in Italy without IELTS test subject to the condition that they should provide proof of the ability to communicate at least intermediate level in the English language.

International Students can choose any university, courses of their choice with the help of study abroad consultants based in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kochi, and Delhi and pursue a career for yourself and adopt the Italian Way of Life.

Pursuing higher education in Italy indeed is a life-changing experience that is sure to make all your dreams come true as you adopt the Italian way of discovery, explorations, and happiness.

List of Universities:

Student Visa Checklist

Italy Student Visa Checklist

Mandatory documents checklist for a Spain student visa application. (For more than 180 days stay)

  1. Student Application form duly filled and signed in.
  2. 1 recent passport-size photograph with a white background.
  3. Original and a photocopy of a Passport issued within the past 10 years having a validity of at least 3 months at the time of application.
  4. Students’ educational certificates duly legalized by the Consular office of this Embassy.
  5. Acceptance letter from the Italian University or college, stating the duration of course.
  6. Evidence of full payment of Tuition fees.
  7. Evidence of Funds to support in Italy, such as bank loan, Scholarship grant, etc.
  8. Bank Statement of applicant or family
  9. Proof of scholarship in the original.
  10. Bank guarantees covering the expenses for the duration of studies.
  11. Insurance Coverage For Medical Treatment, this must be mentioned In the Letter of Admission.
  12. For a visa requested more than 90 days. The applicant has to submit the original admission letter attached to the passport.