Study Abroad Counselling

Studium Group doesn't charge students for study abroad counselling and guidance as, when it comes to pursuing a career while studying abroad; guidance for choosing the right country, the best university and the right course becomes the most deciding factors involving both financial and emotional backups not only of the students but also of the entire family.

Studium Group has the best counsellor for study abroad programs, in case you are planning for your abroad studies in MBA, Masters, Doctoral or Undergraduate programs. We are experts in study abroad guidance since more than decade and have served several Indian students to study abroad by providing them with the best overseas education counselling services without charging any counselling fees.

Be it a Graduate program or a postgraduate or doctorate course for proficiency, each course requires point by point comprehension of the study abroad universities and career scope in order to ensure accomplishment as the time passes.

Through the unique study abroad counselling program, Studium Group has spread the importance and benefits to the Indian students to study abroad. With a team of expert counsellors, we provide 360 degree assistance to students, right from choosing the study abroad country to the students visa guidance.

We help international students to choose the perfect course for their abroad studies suitable for themselves on the basis of their interests, passions, educational backgrounds, finances and scope realizing all the career benefits of studying abroad.

Study Abroad Counseling Services

In an attempt to realise all the benefits of studying abroad, Studium Group provide end to

 end study abroad counseling services which include:

Student Requirement
Shortlisting University
Admission Guidance
Visa Guidance
Fund Guidance
SOP Guidance
Student Requirement

Understanding Indian Students requirements to study abroad

India is one of the main sources of foreign students abroad and is a significant economic contributor for these countries. Majority of the Indian students pursuing abroad studies are from major cities compared to small towns. Hence it is important to understand the requirements of the Indian students to study abroad.

Our counselling for abroad studies begins with a complete analysis and understanding of the student’s interest, background, ideas and passion in order to help them identify the perfect career prospect and the added personal benefits of studying abroad.

Shortlisting University

Shortlisting of Abroad Universities - How to shortlist Universities?

For those students planning to study abroad, among the most important steps is to select the best University. Choosing an appropriate university takes a lot of time and energy, which makes it all the more relevant for students to shortlist universities based on thorough preparation and consideration.

Hence, to shortlist universities in any country across the globe, Studium Group is here to guide you through. We have worldwide presence and associations with the top Universities abroad have helped students to select the best universities among all the shortlisted countries to study abroad ensuring them global competitive advantage and greater career scope.

Admission Guidance

Admission Guidance for Studying Abroad - Requirements to study abroad from India

With an array of academic choices offered worldwide among destinations, universities, colleges and courses, it can be difficult to make the right choice.

Our professional team of counsellors takes care of all documentation requirements for the university admissions process in any country, providing a smoother experience for the international students to study abroad.

Visa Guidance

Study Abroad Visa Guidance - How do I get a visa to study abroad?

A visa is a permit that lets you enter a foreign country. A student visa is only granted to individuals with a confirmed place of study at a registered institution for a given period of time. Various countries have specific visa requirements.

Our visa team is consistently updated with all the requirements of international embassies and visa formalities thereby helping students with successful completion of documentations and visa interviews.

Fund Guidance

Guidance on Managing Funds for Abroad studies - How to Finance your Study Abroad Program?

Studium Group provides guidance to international and Indian students regarding finance for abroad studies. We advise students and parents with complete expenditure breakup and various options of finance and grants available for international students such as:

  1. Scholarships for International Students: There are several Scholarships available for Studying abroad, including general and specialized Scholarship programs. Some are provided by government departments, some by private institutions, and some by organizations with external support and charitable trusts.
  2. Internship Jobs for International Students: Internship jobs can help international students to support their parents to recover from the overseas education loan more quickly. Apart from this, it is one of the best opportunities for the students to learn expertise in their chosen field.
  3. Educational Loans for Overseas education: There are three types of student loans available for overseas education such as federal loans, private loans, and refinancing loans after you leave school. The government issues federal loans while the banks, credit unions and states make private loans and loans for refinancing. Federal lending is typically more flexible. The exact loan that is right for you depends on factors such as your financial need, school year and whether you have a credit history.
  4. Personal Loan to cover additional expenses: A Personal Loan is distinct from an education loan. You may use the Personal Loan for a variety of reasons, including your own or a family member's education. A Personal Loan without protection or a security is also a better choice, as repayment is less stressful particularly when pursuing your abroad studies.
  5. Sponsorships for Studying Abroad: It may be expensive to study abroad, but there are several ways around the strong price tags. Of course, you might fundraise, take on a side job, and save up your summer. Yet you knew there are also scholarships and grants explicitly designed for students who wish to study abroad. Often, scholarships worth thousands of dollars go unclaimed every year simply because no- applies for them.

SOP Guidance
Guidance for preparing Statement of Purpose (SOP) - What is a Statement of purpose? And why is it required by Foreign Universities?

A statement of purpose (SOP) is required by all the abroad institutions in the case of applying for a graduate school. SOP is a brief summary about the international student who is planning to pursue abroad studies.

This is one of the most critical aspects of your application as it tells the admission committee of the respective University about who you are, why you are applying, why you are a genuine applicant and what you want to do after completing your studies abroad.

Would you really want to spend your time trying to find out what you need to know about your statement of purpose? Obviously not, that's why our study abroad counsellors help students with the precise format of SOP writing enabling them to make genuine and appealing SOPs for their universities.