TOEFL Coaching

TOEFL is a standardized test of English proficiency skills that measures English language abilities in listening, reading, writing and speaking areas. Candidates wishing to study at a degree or graduate level are expected to take the TOEFL to show their English skills. The exam is offered 30-40 times a year and is approved in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada by all institutions in the USA & some institutions.

The TOEFL iBT lasts about four and a half hours and is taken absolutely online. The score is from 120 and is valid for two years. The TOEFL iBT registration requires a valid passport and a 170 USD towards exam fee. The registration closes seven days prior to the test.

A lot of applicants worry about the TOEFL's level of difficulty before taking the exam. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no easy one. TOEFL is a language test and actual science has shown that the complexity level of a language is very difficult to objectively assess. However, with all the details we know, we'll do our best to estimate the TOEFL's difficulty level.

Test Format
Test Format

TOEFL Exam Pattern

You need to understand the TOEFL exam format to plan successfully for the TOEFL: how the examination is designed, what kinds of questions it will ask you and how you can potentially use this knowledge to get a high score on examination day.

The TOEFL iBT is a computerized four-hour test that involves four sections: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. In each segment, you should use one main skill (so you'll read passages on Reading and listen to audio clips on Listening), with some questions or tasks requiring multiple skills.

All sections are clocked. On Speaking you will have 20 minutes, and on Writing 50 minutes. The Reading and Listening segments, however, differ in duration because of unscored, experimental questions. Reading is 60 to 80 minutes long when Listening is 60 to 90 minutes long. There'll be no hint telling you which questions are experimental and which ones aren't, so don't think about that too much time — just do your best on all questions!

Finally, in the middle of the study, between the Listening and Speaking parts, you'll have one 10-minute break which is mandatory, so you have to take it. During the test, you can take other breaks but you won't be able to pause the timer for these.

You should take notes on all segments of the test. You will be given scratch paper and pencils to use by an administrator test center. You will also be given a microphone headset to use to listen to audio clips and record your Speaking responses.


TOEFL Sections:

Now let's have a look at the sections of TOEFL. Each section is scored out of 30 points, and then combined out of 120 for a total TOEFL score.

Reading Section - The first section that you will have in TOEFL is reading. Reading will last 60 minutes and will contain 36-42 questions. If you get experimental questions, it's going to take 80 minutes and have 48-56 questions.

Listening Section - Listening, like Reading, differs in duration and number of questions due to the risk of being unscored, experimental. This segment will range from 60 minutes and 34 long questions, and 90 minutes and 51 long questions.

Speaking Section - Now it is time the microphone is used! The TOEFL Speaking section is the shortest section on the TOEFL, with a total length of just 20 minutes. You'll have six tasks for this segment.

The first two tasks, the Individual Tasks, allow you to talk about your opinion on common subjects for 45 seconds. The latter four tasks, the Combined tasks, require that you talk about passages and audio clips for 60 seconds. Speaking is graded differently than the parts of Reading and Listening: each task is graded on a special 0-4 scale. Such scores are then summed up and translated on a scale of 0-30, to a final speaking score.

Writing Section - Eventually, we get to the last TOEFL section i.e., writing. You should compose two essays for this section (an Integrated Essay and an Individual Essay) within 50 minutes. For the first essay, you'll have 20 minutes, and the second essay, 30 minutes. Each essay is graded on a scale of 0-5. Afterwards, the two essay scores are combined and transformed to an average writing score of 30.


TOEFL Scoring

The TOEFL iBT scores on 0-120 scale. The Reading and Listening sections are graded by computer, in which every question has exactly one correct answer. The segments Writing and Speaking, on the other hand, must be hand scored. Each of the TOEFL's four parts is worth a total of 30 points but the exact amount of your score depends on the section.

Parts of Reading and Listening are the most easy to rate. A machine can decide the number of points that you got, and then measure your score for each segment on a scale of 0-30. That is so easy.

There is a little more complexity in the writing and speaking parts. At least two qualified ETS graders will evaluate every response, who will autonomously rate your response on a scale of 0-4. If their scores vary by more than one point (i.e. if one of them, for example, gives you a 3 and the other a 1,) then a third grader can review the test score. All the scores of the graders are summed together to give you one 0-4 score, which is then transferred to the uniform 30-point scale.


TOEFL Preparation - How to prepare for TOEFL exam?

  • Get to understand the TOEFL-Test format -When you want to take TOEFL, familiarizing yourself with the TOEFL format first is really important. Understand the information on TOEFL. Whatever format you take, there are always three parts to the TOEFL: reading, listening and writing. The TOEFL online also includes a speaking segment.
  • Understand the reason for giving the Test - It is important to know the reasons for taking the exam, to be well prepared. For example, if you're taking the test for a job where you're going to talk a lot on the phone, it'll be important to do well in the sections that speak and listen.
  • Have a basic score level in your mind - Specific objectives require similar minimum scores. Second, make sure you know the minimum score that you're going to need to reach. Then, pick the score you would like to get.
  • Get a Guide for Studies - Get a guide for your practice, which will be helpful for you to get familiar with each section before starting practice test.
  • Get help from your teacher -The advantage of getting a teacher or a mentor is that you can obtain competent and skilled guidance and encouragement. Such people are skilled in illustrating the rules of grammar, and will give you unique, customized exercises and assistance.


How many hours will IELTS / PTE / TOEFL coaching take?

30 hours of preparation is required for IELTS / PTE / TOEFL.

Will the courseware be given by Studium or we need to buy?
Study material will be given when the candidate enrolls for the coaching.

What modules are included in IELTS / PTE / TOEFL?
All the exam is a measure of English proficiency. They have four sections: Reading, Writing, Hearing and Speaking.

What is the Difference between IELTS/PTE/TOEFL?
IELTS is a paper based exam and PTE & TOEFL are online exams. All of them are English proficiency tests.

How many times can I appear for the TOEFL Test?
The TOEFL test has more than 50 test dates every year at the approved test centers across the globe. You can take the exam as many times as you like but in a 3-day cycle you can't take it more than once.

How long are the TOEFL scores valid for?
TOEFL scores are valid for two years from the date of the result. After that you won't be able to access it online nor able to send it to any institutions for considering.