Study in Malaysia

Study in Malaysia
Malaysia shares its borders with a peninsular land structure in Thailand and Singapore, while the sea occupies most of its land. All International and Indian students in Malaysia will come to experience life in a multicultural and diverse society.

Malaysia is separated from East Malaysia and West Malaysia by the South China Sea with eleven states and two federal districts, in particular, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.

Its tropical atmosphere, solid precipitation, and the different ethnic lion's share make it a blasting choice to study in Malaysia for Indian Students, especially in the field of innovation and medicine.

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Why malaysia?
Top Universities
Student Visa Checklist
Why malaysia?

Why Study in Malaysia?

Having such a significant number of countries offering a higher education, why study in Malaysia has become the most preferred destination for abroad studies with over 40K international students from most countries studying in Malaysia

Malaysia positioned as the seventeenth megadiverse nations of the world, Malaysia is home to various ethnic gatherings, religions, and races and is constantly open to foreigners, welcoming numerous international students to study in Malaysia and seek a professional life in the recently developed country.

Study MBBS in Malaysia without IELTS

Why Study MBBS in Malaysia?

If you ask as to why Study MBBS in Malaysia for Indian students would be a great choice, the below features will clear your all doubts.

  1. Malaysia is the nearest country to India within a reach of 4-5 hours of flight journey.
  2. Cheap flight tickets being so close to India
  3. Indian Students can reach their home country easily anytime in case of emergency or even
  4. parents can travel to Malaysia and accompany their childrens being close and cheaper to travel.
  5. MCI approved top Medical Universities in Malaysia
  6. High level of quality education
  7. Affordable tuition fees to study MBBS in Malaysia
  8. Students can apply with or without IELTS
  9. Less visa hassles
  10. Affordable cost of living for Indian students in Malaysia
  11. A good number of Malaysians speak in Tamil, this is also one of the top reasons why studying MBBS in Malaysia is so popular among Indian students mostly from Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

What are the Benefits of Studying in Malaysia

Known as the door to Asia, Malaysia is a nation wealthy in decent variety and difference of people and untamed life, cityscapes and rainforests and nature and headways, making the nation one of a sort all-inclusive.

Make the best move of your life by living and studying in Malaysia, a perfect paradise for international students. The benefits of studying in Malaysia are due to some of its unique features such as:

  • Affordable University Tuition fees
  • Admission possible with or without IELTS test
  • A 1 year stay back option after studies
  • Low cost of living in Malaysia for international students
  • English as the medium of instruction
  • Option to work part-time, while studying in Malaysia
  • Opportunity to get (PR) Permanent residency in Malaysia
  • Internationally Recognized Degrees
  • Safe and peaceful country to live
  • A multicultural country
  • Overseas exposure

How to get an Internship in Malaysia?

Malaysia is consistently rising as a major Asian business center, and is an ideal opportunity to obtain an Internship in Malaysia.

Studying and working on an internship program in Malaysia would not only allow you to meet industry professionals but also would improve your skills, knowledge and your professional network.

One of the best ways to find a suitable internship in Malaysia is to consider the multinational companies in Malaysia you would like to work for the most, then check their website to see if they have an internship job and, if so, when their next intake will be.

It's also worth seeking help at your university, particularly if they have a Malaysian satellite campus that provides international students with professional internships


How to Get a Scholarship in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, scholarships are provided mainly by government departments, private institutions of higher studies, and various organizations. These could include businesses and organizations from different sectors, as well as non-profit foundations for the latter group. Furthermore, international students can get a scholarship in Malaysia provided by non-Malaysian organizations.

Most scholarships tend to be replicated every year. Seek to figure out whether a specific scholarship is usually marketed or revealed beforehand. Ask your professors or senior students who may have had the same scholarship to study in Malaysia.


What are the requirements to Study in Malaysia

Malaysia's higher education system is funded and sponsored by Malaysia's Ministry of Higher Education and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), which aims to improve the standard of educational infrastructure to attract international students to study in Malaysia and fulfill the country's dream of becoming the Hub of Higher Education Excellence.

Requirements to Study MBBS in Malaysia?

The basic requirements to study MBBS in Malaysia is that Students should have passed Higher Secondary School with 70 percent and above marks in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Biology can apply for MBBS studies in Malaysia.

  1. Students should be between 17 to 25 years of age to study MBBS in Malaysia.
  2. Students should score at least 70% marks in physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths.
  3. Indian students must clear NEET exam with good score
Top Universities

Which are the Top Universities in Malaysia?

Providing courses in various fields, the country also permits local and international students to acquire a foreign degree certification from countries like Australia, UK, the USA, France, Canada, this way making it even more productive to study abroad in Malaysia for some wannabes.

Top Universities in Malaysia like the Raffles University, Curtin University, MAHSA University, and Heriot-Watt are renowned globally to be one of the best universities offering a range of courses in technology, music, medicine and literature, and to give their students the global competitive advantage to become future leaders.

Top Universities in Malaysia like the Raffles University, Curtin University, MAHSA University, and Heriot-Watt are renowned globally to be one of the best universities offering a range of courses in technology, music, medicine and literature, and to give their students the global competitive advantage to become future leaders.

List of Universities:

MCI Approved Medical Universities in Malaysia 2021-22

Study MBBS in MCI Approved Medical Universities in Malaysia 2021-22:

Student Visa Checklist

Malaysia Student Visa Checklist

Documents checklist for Malaysia Student Visa:

  1. Original offer letter from the Malaysian university
  2. Printout of IMM 14 form duly signed
  3. Two recent passport size photos with a blue background
  4. Complete Passport copies
  5. A photocopy of the special pass or copy of the exit stamp on the passport.
  6. Photocopies of all academic document certified as per the requirement of EMGS or by the IHE
  7. Health Certificate from home country
  8. A stamped Security bond submitted to the University in Malaysia for the security deposit
  9. A complete visa application form duly filled and signed
  10. Original Passport having a minimum validity of six months.
  11. Two recent photographs with a white background
  12. Confirmed Flight booking receipt