Study in Denmark

Study in Denmark
Denmark is a highly productive and streamlined country, with a reputation for excellence in education. Partner this with the stunning scenery and high quality public facilities made a perfect destination for international students to study in Denmark.

Denmark follows the Bologna Process, so international recognition will be granted to the degree you receive after studying in Denmark at any Danish Institutions.

It has boasted some of the world's finest institutions for international students to study in Denmark without IELTS test subject to the condition that they should provide proof of the ability to communicate at least intermediate level in the English language.

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Why Denmark?
Top Universities
Student Visa Checklist
Why Denmark?

Why Study in Denmark?

Denmark has eight universities, as well as several other institutions of higher education. Fie of Universities in Denmark ranked in the top 500 in the 2019 QS World University Rankings. The top ranked is Copenhagen University, which stoods at 79th. The next highest ranking is Denmark's Technical University, which stands at 112th, which is why study in Denmark is considered by international students on the top list of study abroad.

Study in Denmark without IELTS

What are the Benefits of Studying in Denmark?

Among few benefits of studying in Denmark is that it is one of the countries with the biggest social and economic growth in the world. The nation boasts a high standard of living, as well as being highly rated among others in areas such as education, health care and democratic governance.

Apart from these benefits, studying in Denmark is affordable for international students, lots of internship jobs are easily available, Scholarships are made available for the international and Indian students in Denmark by individual Universities as well as by private organisations, studying and getting settled in Denmark is hassle free.


How to get an Internship in Denmark?

Many Internships in Denmark take place during the summer months, but internships can last from a few weeks, up to a few months, all the way up to over a year. Individuals who want to intern in Denmark usually work between 20 and 40 hours a week. Luckily, Danish internships typically involve a salary or stipend too

Let's find out the list of top Internships in Denmark:


How to Get a Scholarship in Denmark?

Denmark has a number of scholarships to reach out for in 2020. It has emerged as a top destination for international students expecting abroad studies in Denmark.

All scholarships available in Denmark support Danish and international students studying in Denmark

Let's check out the list of funded and non-funded Scholarship in Denmark 2021-22:

  1. The Danish Government Scholarships
  2. Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Programs in Denmark
  3. Danish Government Scholarships
  4. Danish State Tuition Fee Waivers
  5. IT University of Copenhagen State Scholarships
  6. Danish Government Scholarships
  7. Aarhus University Scholarship
  8. University of Southern Denmark Ph.D. Fellowships
  9. Ph.D. Scholarship in Planning Tools
  10. Ph.D. Scholarship at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark

What are the requirements to Study in Denmark?

  1. An entry test equivalent to that of a Danish high school leaving certificate
  2. A evidence of English proficiency
  3. Subjects pass to a certain level. Danish education requires use of levels A, B and C, the highest being A.
  4. The diploma passed overall with a certain minimum GPA
  5. Passed admission test/interview
Top Universities

Which are the Top Universities in Denmark?

While studying in Denmark enables students to choose from some of the top and internationally recognized universities in Denmark that offer excellent learning opportunities for students, as well as research and work avenues.

List of Universities:

Student Visa Checklist

Denmark Student Visa Checklist

Documents required for Belgium study visa:
  1. Student visa application form ST-1
  2. Two colored Photocopies of all your educational documents.
  3. Two Scan copy of all pages of passport
  4. Admission letter from University
  5. Tuition fees payment receipt from the college
  6. IELTS test certificate
  7. Six passport size photographs with white background.
  8. Statement of purpose & updated resume
  9. Visa application fees