Overseas Study Guidance

Admission Guidance

When you start a student visa process for overseas studies, you need the best study abroad consultants as a conduit between student and overseas university because in most cases the student can not apply directly due to hectic process. For doing this, we are the right option and if you choose Studium Group, we will first review all academic documents along with the experience documents, if any.

Studium Group represents top Universities from several overseas countries such as France, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia and many more. Our association with universities enhances the chances of being accepted to universities by our students, because we know what the institutions need for a successful and complete application.

Overseas Study Admission Guidance

Absolutely every single document that is to be submitted at the time of admission is then reviewed and inquired by our specialist team. There is a list of documents you need during the admission process which consists of:

  • All notarized original academic documents,
  • All notarized original work experience documents,
  • Notarized original IELTS or PTE score card,
  • Notarized Passport bio page and very important
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • Copy of update resume

We provide step-by-step instructions for the complete application process for study abroad universities, which involves the following essential steps, thereby optimizing your chances of being admitted to your preferred institution.

Entrance Exams to Study Abroad

Step by Step process
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 1

Expert Study Abroad unseling (Absolutely Free)

We make sure every effort is made to provide expert study abroad counseling considering the needs of the students. A highly qualified personal advisor is assigned to each student, one who possesses comprehensive knowledge about the courses offered by universities. Each Studium Group advisor focuses on ensuring the student is accepted to the best course and institution based on their profile.

Step 2

Identify Best Abroad University, Country and Study Program

If you want to study abroad it is very important to choose the right study program. Our counselors will assist you in shortlisting the course you want to pursue that best fits your personal, academic, and financial parameters and not just the universities that we represent. With the wealth of information and experience our counselors have, after careful analysis of your needs, we save your time and money, and map you to the right university.

After reviewing your profile our experts will shortlist a selection of appropriate institutions. After evaluating our shortlisted institutions, students finalize institutions after consulting with parents and friends. Choosing the right program, country and institution is the most important choice you need to make in your lie and our counselors ensure that you choose correctly.

Our counselors are well trained and have comprehensive knowledge of the enrollment processes of the universities and countries and also assist in communicating with students at the universities they expect to enroll in.

Step 3

Entrance Test Guidance and Preparations

International Entrance Tests help in determining the aptitude of a student. Those tests can help in the process of admission. We also give our students coaching for entrance exams including IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT, GRE and SAT.

Our faculty provides students with personal feedback to make sure every aspect of the analysis and the test information is crystal clear. Often, they help to achieve the correct scores for target institutions. International Quality Courseware is given, and tests are conducted regularly.

Step 4

Scrutiny of all Documents and Processing of Application

We pay special attention to your application and highlight the areas that are important for a well-presented, error-free application. Both minor and major code problems are rectified, and the students provide feedback. We ensure all relevant documentation is collected properly, approved etc. Documents need to be carefully sealed and answered. To ensure students are well aware and updated with the status of their submission, our counselors are always in contact with the students.

Once you have identified the documents on your universities, our experts analyze them. Most universities and colleges have their own specific requirements which are necessary for a complete application. Adhering to these guidelines would ensure greater success and speedier response.

Our counselors assist with important application aspects such as essays, statement of purpose, grammar, language, structure material, letters of recommendation and best efforts to ensure that students are accepted to the appropriate university.

Whether it's paper based or online, we pay careful attention to any demand. It is important to review the last applications before they are sent out to universities. Students draft their own report but reviewing the work for progress is important. In a few cases, we add to our personalized confidential evaluation / recommendation to institutions that illustrate your strengths and suitability as a perfect fit for them.

Most universities have the basic criteria that are required for a complete application. Adhering to these guidelines would ensure greater success and speedier response.We also help with courier delivery and tracking.

Step 5

Visa Guidance and Interview Preparation:

Visa guidance is free for all students of Studium Group. The consulates regularly update us on the latest rules and regulations on study visas and hence we have a great success rate.

Universities visit our offices frequently to meet the students so check our website daily to find out who's coming. Generally they provide spot evaluations, often spot admissions and typically fee discounts for successful candidates. Good students with outstanding profiles should take this opportunity to boost their chances for scholarship.

We help you prepare answers to questions which universities are likely to ask. Such mock interview sessions are conducted by experts who are well acquainted with the type of questions that universities usually ask.

One of the special services we offer is the prudence on the commonly asked questions in 'mock visa interviews' where our 'visa counselors' assess and direct students. They tell students about the do's and don'ts of the final interview, at the end of the mock visa interview. Throughout the entire Visa process, we assist you with completing applications, preparing financial statements, visa-friendly documents to prevent inadvertent delay or rejection, as well as advice and preparation for mock interviews and much more.

What students and parents value the most is the timely, competent and FREE offer of these services. Overseas education is not cheap so make wise and thoughtful decisions.