Study in Canada

Study in Canada

If you wish to study in Canada, you can encounter a wide range of cultural and natural interactions from the ski mountains to the multicultural cities of the country. Canada has official bilingual status, with English and French being utilized simultaneously in public and on government documents.

You invest in your future when studying in Canada. After all your studies, a Canadian education opens the door to business and job opportunities, and to a successful life in Canada.

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Why Canada?
Top Universities
Student Visa Checklist
Why Canada?

Why Study in Canada?

Find out why Studying in Canada has attracted thousands of international students across the globe. The reasons for this are numerous, from health & safety or welcoming campuses to the quality of life. Canada is a land of possibilities without limit!

As an Indian student in Canada, you'll enjoy the same freedom that protect Canadian Citizens, respect for human rights, equality and a secure, healthy environment.

Study in Canada for Indian Students

What are the Benefits of Studying in Canada?

The top reasons and benefits of studying in Canada are not less but plenty. To specify some of the top reasons to study in Canada are:

Here are the few benefits of studying in the USA:

  1. Quality education
  2. Top Universities in Canada
  3. Internationally recognized and high valued Degrees
  4. Numerous Scholarship options
  5. International exposure and experience
  6. Internship job opportunities in Canada
  7. Wide Career opportunities after studying in Canada
  8. Hassle-free student visa procedure
  9. Stay back option after study in Canada for International students
  10. Easy option to get PR after studies

How to get an Internship in Canada?

Since Canada is one of the rising economies and trading countries in the world, it is recognized as one of the major countries to get an abroad internship in Canada for Indian students.

The benefits and internship in Canada may vary from province to province, and from city to city. Generally speaking, Canada's three most popular internship cities are Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa. The most common category of internships in Vancouver are in accounting, engineering, hospitality, media, and information technology. And arts, similarly, popular internships in Toronto categories are information technology, architecture, and finance. And categories for internship in Ottawa are offered in finance and information technology, rural internship opportunities often surround agriculture.


How to Get a Scholarship in Canada 2021-22?

If you wish to apply for a Scholarship in Canada, you need to read the requirements on the official websites of the providers.

The Canadian government and other post-secondary institutions provide incentives for international students to get scholarship grants, prizes, or bursaries to finance their education.

The following list of Canadian scholarships to study in Canada 2021-22 for international students is available for your support.

  1. The CanadaVisa Study Hub Scholarship
  2. International scholarship opportunities for non-Canadians
  3. Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program
  4. Ontario Graduate Scholarship
  5. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
  6. Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS)

What are the requirements to Study in Canada?

To apply successfully to the Universities in Canada requires a detailed understanding of different requirements to study in Canada.

Ideally, international students must start research and planning at least one year in advance for studying in Canada. Standard criteria for all institutions and universities in Canada include a recent or updated passport, Evidence of English or French language fluency test report, and evidence that you can fund your studies in Canada as well as the cost of living in Canada.

Top Universities

Which are the Top Universities in Canada?

Almost 500K overseas students across the globe travel to Canada each year to study in the top universities in Canada. Apart from this, thousands of more students visit Canada every year for elementary or secondary school studies, engage in exchange programs or attend language school. Canada is a perfect place for learners to develop and flourish.

List of Universities:

Student Visa Checklist

Canada Student Visa Checklist

Mandatory documents checklist for a Spain student visa application. (For more than 180 days stay)

  1. Covering letter - Checklist of all the attached documents.
  2. Application form duly filled and signed
  3. Original valid passport
  4. Form with family Information and Student Questionnaire
  5. 2 Recent passport-sized photographs with name and date written at the backside.
  6. Letter of acceptance from the university in Canada you have enrolled
  7. Representative form (IMM 5476) (if applicable)
  8. A valid IELTS test results with 6.0 overall band, and 5.5 bands individually in each module
  9. Photocopy of all the educational documents
  10. Proof of tuition fees paid to the University in Canada.
  11. Evidence of 10K CAD deposited in GIC account