Study in Thailand

Study in Thailand

Thai people are known for their caring and friendly and welcoming nature. But local friendliness is far from being the only reason for Indian students in Thailand to study there; Thailand provides several other benefits that attract international students.

Want to study in Thailand that's controlled mainly by the military? Thailand's military is so powerful that it has repeatedly grabbed the influence of political rulers. In this country you can expect discipline to be at its heart.

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Why Thailand?
Top Universities
Student Visa Checklist
Why Thailand?

Why Study in Thailand?

Studying in Thailand, one of Asia's most thrilling countries across the globe. Studying at prestigious universities in thailand and experiencing life in a city where you can discover something new every day at behind every corner.

Were you aware that Thailand is ranked 1st in Asia and 3rd in the world as a top study destination abroad? Apply for a semester or full degree today, and continue your life's greatest adventure!

Study in Thailand for Indian Students

What are the Benefits of Studying in Thailand?

Thailand is a land of welcoming people and a vibrant community, making it the perfect destination for abroad studies. More than that, learning about the community and industry is quite helpful for the international students in Thailand. There are many benefits of studying in Thailand like the six below.

  1. Affordable cost of Living
  2. Low cost of Tuition Fees
  3. Develop new language skills
  4. Explore Thai Culture and traditions
  5. Get to know both local international students
  6. Build your international network
  7. Lots of Internship Opportunities

How to get an Internship in Thailand?

For decades many top companies have offered internships in Thailand. If you're studying in Thailand or studying abroad but are interested study in Thailand, it couldn't get any easier to become an intern.

Let's find out the list of top Internships in Thailand:

  1. Internship in Prachin Buri, Thailand
  2. Vertiv Co Internship Program
  3. Global Affairs Intern
  4. SEO (Internship)
  5. MGT Internship
  6. United Nations Internships
  7. Tech Internship
  8. Sales Operations intern

How to Get a Scholarship in Thailand?

Students from around the world looking for scholarships to study in Thailand may benefit from these available scholarships.

Check out this room for International Students Scholarship in Thailand 2021.

  1. IB Diploma Program Scholarship
  2. Royal Thai Government Scholarships
  3. Bangchak Scholarships
  4. WE Consultant Scholarships
  5. Thai Pipe Scholarships
  6. Management (UWEM)
  7. Japanese Government Scholarships
  8. Kurita Scholarships
  9. China Scholarship Council
  10. Korea Government Scholarships

What are the requirements to Study in Thailand?

Before the start of the last academic year, the Ministry of Thailand made some changes to the admission requirements for international students to study in Thailand.

Under the new international program regulation, International students who have graduated from a foreign high school and universities must apply their diplomas and transcript certificates to be reviewed by the Department of Education in Thailand. This assures that the institutions in the home country meet the country's study requirements. Besides that, during the application process, students do need to continue secondary and post-secondary accreditation. Under the new regulation it has become compulsory for higher institutions to apply for accreditation from the Ministry of Education of Thailand.

Top Universities

Which are the Top Universities in Thailand?

You will find plenty of top ranked universities in Thailand that take their rightful place alongside some of the biggest foreign university names out there.

List of Universities:

Student Visa Checklist

Thailand Student Visa Checklist

Documents required for Thailand study visa:
  1. Visa application form
  2. Two recent passport size photo
  3. Original Passport having validity more than six months
  4. Visa fees receipt
  5. Educational documents
  6. Original Statement of Purpose
  7. Proof of funding
  8. Payment receipt for at least 1st Semester
  9. Original offer letter from University
  10. Confirmed flight booking