Student Visa Requirements

Student Visa Assistance

Want to apply for a Student Visa? Studium Group can assist you! We pay particular attention to the visa application of international students planning for studying abroad, highlighting the countries essential for making an error free visa application. We make sure that any document you arrange is in order for the visa filing process.

We're here to assist at every single move. We guide you through the admission process to choose the programs according to your qualification. We'll also advise you on what will be the best University for your overseas study program. Some countries have a paper-based system for applying for visas and others have an electronic system. We are helping you move through this process. Our counselors also assist in writing up the study plan some consulates require.

When filling out the student visas, we'll provide you with the complete guidance. Students usually find that filling out a visa is a very complicated process but the way we describe step by step seems to be so quick and easy. This is the best part of our student visa assistance.

Consulates periodically update us on the latest rules and regulations about student visas. For all Studium Group students, the visa assistance is free for all the countries.

Travel Assistance for Studying Abroad

It's always difficult to go away from home just for a day or so and imagine how it will feel when you have to travel abroad for years, and that too all alone. We understand the anxiety of the students and their parents, and make the journey of the students very relaxed and safe.

We make every effort to make as smooth as possible the journey of a student from their native country to their chosen foreign destination. We direct them with travel tips and also assist with any booking by airline. This valuable service is offered at no cost.

We take responsibility for booking flights well in advance to help students get perfect departure times, routes and at an attractive discounted rate too. We'll also help students find the best airlines for heavy baggage schemes. There are a number of international flights providing exclusive discounts for students that Studium is aware of and so we recommend to the students the names of these airlines.

Pre Departure Guidance

Living overseas can be both exciting and challenging. To ensure that you are trained and educated before traveling abroad, Studium Group organizes a pre-departure event to ease the overseas traveling of Indian students. It offers insight into the various aspects of student life that the students will be experiencing in a foreign country. It also offers an opportunity to meet other students and their parents who will go abroad and probably to the same Country / University.

It was observed that while traveling abroad many indian students at airports transfer, landing, collecting luggage etc. face hassles. At Studium we explain to the student any and every aspect of pre-departure. A round the clock available number is assigned to students when they are travelling abroad. It helps students call Studium for any clarification or take whatever information they need during travel.

We also include a checklist of guidelines for pre-departure depending on the country, city or campus the student selects.

Foreign Exchange Assistance

Setting up a bank account would be one of the first things on your to-do list when you arrive in your new country of study. Using a local bank account would make it easier for you to access your money to pay for rent, school fees and living expenses. This also allows the employer to deposit the salary into your account if you choose to work part-time during your studies. We'll help you get your finances going in a new place. In order to avail prompt facilities and favorable exchange rates, we have association with reputed foreign exchange dealers.

Our associations with reputable Forex dealers ensure favorable exchange rates and prompt services for our students. With Demand Drafts, Traveling Cheques, International Debit Cards, Wire Transfers & Currency Notes, we help you and make sure you tell our advisor to help you get the best exchange rate.