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GMAT coaching or Graduate Management Admission Test is a world-renowned entrance exam for students seeking to be enrolled in graduate management programs at management higher education institutions worldwide.

The GMAT is designed to assist graduate business schools in evaluating candidates' qualifications for advanced business and management research. More than 3,000 graduate management programs worldwide use GMAT scores and selected Indian B-Schools also accept GMAT scores.

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Chances are you'll need to take the best online GMAT coaching to get admission to an MBA programme. Around two-thirds of the world's 1,900 + graduate business schools require admission to GMAT scores, although an growing number of schools consider GRE General Test scores as an alternative to GMAT scores.

Test Format
Test Format

GMAT Exam Pattern

The format of GMAT exams is divided into four parts Learning, Reasoning, Verbal and Quantitative skills. In addition, the GMAT is a 3 hour 30 minute Computer Adaptive Test that involves both objective and subjective questions. There are 91 questions, in total.

The questions selected in a computer-adaptive test are from a very wide pool of test questions classified by content and complexity, and presented one at a time. The evaluation continuously measures your specific level of capability. In each section, the level of your next question is decided by your answer for each question.

Consequently, for each question you must enter an answer, and you can not go back to make changes. If you answer a question incorrectly by mistake or lucky guess correctly, your responses to subsequent questions will lead you back to questions that are at the level of difficulty suitable for you.


GMAT Sections:

The GMAT exam's quantitative section tests the ability to think mathematically, address quantitative problems, and interpret graphic data. This segment includes the questions as follows:

  • Problem Solving
  • Data Adequacy

The Evaluation portion of the Analytical Writing Assessment tests the ability to objectively analyze and express complex ideas by writing. The Integrated Reasoning section should determine a candidate's competence in data analysis. It is to consist of four kinds of questions:

  • Graph Evaluation
  • Table Evaluation
  • Two way Evaluation
  • Multi Source Evaluation

The verbal portion of the test determines the ability to understand and assess what you read, and to identify traditional written English core conventions. The segment includes the following questions forms:

  • Reading and understanding the text given, and answering the same questions.
  • Arguments including logic and assessment.
  • Fixing the data by following regular written conventions.


GMAT Scoring

Essays are graded in 0.5 increments on a scale of 0-6. The Integrated Reasoning section is measured in 1 point increment on a scale of 1-8. The quantitative section is scored in 1 point increment on a scale of 0-60.

Verbal section is graded in 1 point increment on a scale of 0-60. Scaled ratings of Quantitative and Verbal parts are added in an interval of 10 points to build a ranking on a scale of 200-800. The effective results are 650 + out of 800.


GMAT Preparation

You need a couple of good GMAT books and materials, along with research content, encouragement and self-discipline, to be able to learn effectively on your own. On the other side, where time is a constraint and you feel the need for professional advice to maintain the competitive edge in preparing for GMAT exams, then you can get in touch with Studium Group any time.


What's the good score for GMAT and how much is it scored from?
Strong score is + 650 of 800

How long does it take to get the GMAT scores?
You should collect your official score within 20 calendar days of your examination.

How many times can you take the GMAT?
You can reappear the GMAT test up to 5 times in any 12-month cycle but in any 16-day cycle no more than once.

How do I apply for the GMAT?
GMAT Test can only be enrolled online.

When should I apply for the GMAT?
Usually you can register for GMAT online two to three months prior to the test date.